Christmas at Rockefeller Center

One of the most famous annual televised events in history is the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. For 13 years, Glenn Mahoney and his team managed every aspect of cutting, transporting, erecting and lighting the Christmas Tree. Once the towering Norwegian Spruce, which ranges from 70’ to 101’ depending on the year, was in place and ready to be lighted up, the team changed hats and collaborated with NBC Universal to convert Rockefeller Plaza in to one of the largest, holiday inspired outdoor studios. This world-class event included multiple stages, roof structures, ice graphics, environmental lighting, LED screens, and decorations. The challenging aspect was erecting this in the midst of hundreds of thousands of visitors who came to catch a glimpse of the famous tree. The goal was to always make certain the work did not interfere with our guests’ experiences. Much of the labor which involved craning equipment to various building setbacks occurred in the middle of the night when the foot traffic decreased. In the matter of days, over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, hundreds of workers converge on Rockefeller Plaza to convert it to a Christmas wonderland.