Democracy Plaza

This outdoor NBC Universal broadcast for the 2004 Presidential Election, sponsored by Bank of America, transformed Rockefeller Center in to Democracy Plaza. This was perhaps the largest public event/exhibit showcasing the history of democracy and what it means to be a citizen in the United States. This exhibit, designed and produced by Glenn Mahoney in conjunction with Jack Morton Worldwide, tested the limits where a live broadcast meets a free public event. Over one million people attended the two week exhibit, which featured outdoor climate controlled news room studios, constructed on steel platforms cantilevered over the world famous ice skating rink. An original copy of the Declaration of Independence was on display and a map of the U.S. was imbedded in the ice. A bar graph utilizing window washing rigs climbed 175’ high as electoral votes were counted and a 65,000 lb train caboose was trucked in on a special transport and placed on real train tracks and railroad ties. Guests were able to walk through a scale Air Force On replica fuselage.