The Raise Plow team is comprised of event and exhibit designers and producers including graphic and digital media artists. Because every event is unique and our client expectations differ, the process starts by meeting the client and understanding the results they are looking to achieve. The core of event and exhibit design is creating an unexpected environment where one normally does not exist.

The goal is for guests or attendees to escape reality or the present, and elevate their senses; whether attending a roof top garden party or learning about the history of flight. Once the client objectives are understood, the design process begins with recognizing the scale of the event. Scale is the most critical component when designing events/exhibits and is most often overlooked. The contrast between the event/exhibit and its environment is key to first impressions of guests, which ultimately sets the stage for a successful event. Our design team incorporates all these elements when creating 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional layouts, full color 3-dimensional renderings, and 3-dimensional virtual tours or “fly throughs”.