Discovery Times Square Exposition

In the vast space where The New York Times was printed for almost a century, Discovery TSX will offer enlightenment and education through exposure to the world’s greatest exhibits. Discovery Times Square commissioned Raise Plow and National Flag to develop the exhibition center’s distinctive graphic design, entryway and marquee. Discovery TSX’s entry is flanked by restored light fixtures from the New York Times Building that date back to the early 1900s. The luminous globes recall the Times previous presence in the building and its position as the primary source of reliable information for millions of people worldwide. The towering banner and imposing marquee on the building’s exterior graphically identify Discovery Times Square Exposition as the site of innovative, theatrically-installed exhibits that combine dramatic immersive environments with world-class artifacts and art that bring to life ancient and recent cultures and phenomena.

In the news: Discovery, partner to open NYC exposition center