Pow Wow

The 5,000 person party for the Tourism Industry Association designed and produced by Glenn Mahoney and NYC&Co., gave out of town guests a taste and view of the best New York City had to offer with both food and attractions. It would have been very difficult to bring 5,000 people to all five boroughs so instead we brought the boroughs to them! We designed and built replicas of the Staten Island Ferry, a NYC Subway Station, Yankee Stadium, A Bronx street scene and a Coney Island beach bar complete with sand and all. The main attraction was a re-creation of a NYC roof top garden including a water tower and plants. We projected actual video footage of a sunset and night scenes taken from a building rooftop. The scene was projected on to the interior side of the tent with very powerful HD projectors. Although the party took place on the street level, guests felt as if they were on a roof top 800’ high watching the sunset over Manhattan and the surrounding buildings coming alive at night with one of the most beautiful skyline views in the world.