Centennial of Flight

One of the largest outdoor exhibits ever executed in New York City, the Centennial of Flight exhibit celebrated 100 years of flight. The event, sponsored by General Electric, was designed and produced by Glenn Mahoney in partnership with Design & Build, who are most known for designing the Cradle of Aviation Museum in New York. The exhibit, curated by Josh Stoff, provided passers-by with a lesson in the history of flight like no other. Original aircraft and spacecraft loaned by NASA, The United States Air Force, the FAA and many others, were on display within arms reach. The exhibit narrated an incredible story beginning with a working replica of the 1903 Wright flyer, and ending with the most technically advanced unmanned aircraft. A portion of the exhibit included a scale replica of the Kitty Hawk North Carolina dunes, the location of the Wright brother first flight. 1/3rd scale models of the 1900 Wright glider and 1903 Wright flyer were fabricated and perched on the dunes to demonstrate the progression of flight.